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Product Description


MTA FillApex Root Canal Sealer

Mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA)


MTA Fillapex – RC Sealer 2 X 4g Automix syringes

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MTA Fillapex Tubes 1X 30g Base Catalyst

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Mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) is used primarily to seal lateral root perforations and as a root-end filling material.

MTA can also be used for a variety of other applications including pulp capping and as a dressing over pulpotomies in permanent teeth and during apexification procedures.

MTA is a bioactive material that produces calcium hydroxide, which is released in solution and induces formation of hydroxyapatite structures in simulated body fluid.

Main properties of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA)


  • Release of calcium ions: allows formation of mineralized tissues
  • Highly alkaline: prevents bacterial growth


  • Low solubility: may be used directly on pulp and periapical tissues
  • Compressive strength:        44.2 MPa
  • May be used as base for restorations
  • Expansion after hydration: seals cavities completely
  • Setting time (15 minutes): may be used in single appointment
  • Radiopaque: allows radiographic control
  • Biocompatibility: may be used directly on living tissues
  • New formation of cement: only dental material with this capacity
  • Remineralization of dentin: allows formation of biologic barrier
  • Biologic sealing of perforations: complete healing of periapical tissues

Newer developments of MTA include its use as a root canal sealer.

Dynamic sealing ability of MTA root canal sealer

MTA Fillapex is an endodontic sealer based on MTA, and launched commercially in 2010.

It is a new product that combines the proven advantages of MTA with a superior canal obturation product. Its formulation in the paste/paste system allows a complete filling of the entire root canal, including accessory and lateral canals.

MTA, present in the composition of MTA Fillapex, is more stable than calcium hydroxide, providing constant release of calcium ions for the tissues and maintaining a pH which elicits antibacterial effects.

The tissue recovery and the lack of inflammatory response are optimized by the use of MTA and disalicylate resin.

The product is Eugenol free and will not interfere with adhesive procedures inside the root canal. Also, it does not cause discoloration of the tooth structure.


  • Presence of MTA in the formula: allows the formation of new tissue, including root cementum
  • Biocompatibility: rapid recovery of tissues without causing inflammatory reaction;
  • High Radiopacity: perfect radiographic visualization;
  • Excellent Flow: the flowable consistency of MTA Fillapex is engineered to penetrate and also to fill lateral canals;
  • Setting expansion: provides excellent sealing of the root canal, avoiding the penetration of tissue fluids and/or bacterial recontamination;
  • Calcium ion release: induces rapid tissue regeneration in sites with bone lesion and microbial activity
  • System paste x paste: easy handling and insertion
  • Working time: allows adequate working time to be used by specialists and/or general practitioners
  • Easy removal: allows easy removal for retreatment, particularly when used with GP points.
  • The MTA Fillapex is paste/paste material presented in automix double syringes which provide an adequate consistency for the cement insertion in the root canal.
  • The presence of Nano-particles enables a homogeneous mixture and better flow of the product.

Sealing of root canals

MTA Fillapex shows an optimized flow due to the Nano-particles. It provides excellent filling and sealing of the canals, main and lateral.

Ease of removal

MTA Fillapex can be removed with chemical or mechanical intervention or a combination of both.

Solvents based on citrus oils and chloroform substances can be used.

MTA Fillapex is considered a great material for root canal treatment, considering its bioactive potential.

MTA Fillapex clearly shows the ability to stimulate nucleation sites for the formation of apatite crystals in human osteoblast-like cell culture.