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RootBuddy – Cordless obturation device with Heat & Vibration

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Product Description

RootBuddy Obturation System

 Successfully combine the simplicity of Lateral Gutta Percha Condensation with the clinical advantages of warm Gutta Percha to deliver superior obturation with both heat and vibration

Multiple uses

  • Endodontics    -    cordless 3 D Obturation devices with Heat and Vibration
  • Diagnostics     -    Safe and reliable Root Vitality Testing
  • Restorations   -    Model composite more easier with heat and vibration



  • Softening of the Root Canal Filling Material
  • Spreading of Root Canal Material vertically and Laterally
  • Employs both head and vibration during the compaction process
  • Removing access GP coronally
  • Applying Sealer in the Root Canal
  • 3D sealing of the Root Canal space
  • Ultrasonic Irrigation Activation –  Heat and Vibration
  • Delivers superior clinical results


  • Safe and reliable Root Vitality Testing
  • Safely administrating controlled heat
  • Optimum contact with the tooth surface
  • Effective heat transfer
  • Reduce risk of air pockets
  • Heat and Vibrate Composite
  • Model composite more easier with heat and

RootBuddy Obturation System

  1. Use the Rootbuddy System obturation device for endo with stainless steel and nickel titanium tip pluggers or cutting spoons.
  2. Apply heat and vibration to composite with RootBuddy compo tips during restoration.
  3. Or test root vitality with the Pulpa Test tip and disposable cups.

Benefit:           One device for Endodontics, Restoration and Diagnostics
Benefit:           More control with a variety of tips

Large temperature range (50°C – 350°C)

The RootBuddy has a large temperature range (approx. 50°C – 350°C). Adjust the temperature according to your preferred treatment technique or material. Use the obturation device to heat gutta percha points or to cut endodontic obturators.
Benefit:           Suitable for all techniques
Benefit:           Suitable for all filling materials

Better filling & increased compaction up to 18%

Denser filling with vibration (100Hz)

The patented RootBuddy vibration produces gentle low-frequency (100 Hz) micro-pulses that vibrate the filling material. Clinical studies prove that RootBuddy’s combination of heat and vibration technology results in a denser, more compact filling of the root canal space.
Benefit:           Better filling of the root canal
Benefit:           Fewer air pockets and empty spaces decreases greatly

Improve flow of materials with heat

The RootBuddy System obturation device can generate heat from approximately 50°C – 350°C. Administering heat promotes the flow of the thermoplastic materials. The number of gaps and their size (air pockets / empty spaces) decreases greatly.
Benefit:           More focus on patient, less on device
Benefit:           More confidence during treatment

Easy and safe use!

Intuitive controls and OLED display

The RootBuddy System obturation device has only 4 buttons and can be operated very easily. The OLED display is easy to understand. The set temperature, the vibration choice and the battery status are clearly readable.
Benefit:           More focus on patient, less on device

Adjustable to personal preference

The display of the RootBuddy System obturation device can easily be set to right-hand or left-hand use. You can also choose a personal temperature preference and set it as a new default.
Benefit:          More confidence during treatment

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